It’s that time of the year again…the multi-million dollar day based around cupid, love, roses, hearts, chocolate and jewelry! We are only 10 days out from Valentines day–and do I have a funny one for you! I asked a few guys (husbands, boyfriends, and the single guys) what there thoughts were on the love struck holiday & what their ideal Valentines day would be! The answers I got were way too funny to not share with all of you–this will for sure cheer you up this monday morning.

What guys really think…

Guest Postings by Mitch & Friends

My thoughts on Valentine’s day- by Mitch

                Valentine’s day is 100% a girls holiday. Girls in relationships get excited for the holiday and guys in relationships get stressed out about it. I say this because the day completely revolves around the female (rightfully so) and it’s the man’s job to express his feelings for his significant other through what society tells us is expected, Example: Flowers, chocolates, romance, jewelry, candle lit dinners, hearts, proposals…etc. Society tells Men that this is what we need to do in order to make the women in our lives happy and feel appreciated. I feel that before I go on I need to make something clear, I am a fan of Valentine’s day. This breakdown is my honest opinion of the feelings men go through leading up to and on the night of February 14th. For the most part, men procrastinate, this is a huge reason why the majority of males dislike the Holiday. The longer we procrastinate the harder we make it on ourselves, restaurants are booked, shipping’s backed up on ordering flowers/gifts, and the pressure builds. The reason men stress is because all they care about is making their significant other happy and feel loved, what makes a woman happy is up to each individual and what they value as important.

I’ll list a few stereotypes of women and what they NEED on Valentine’s day to be happy:

-The Romantic- This woman need the storybook night; Flowers, go out to candle lit dinner, rose peddles, hand written card where their man expresses his feelings, and a thoughtful gift that is usually materialistic.

-The Homebody- This woman wants her man to cook a homemade dinner for her, spend quality time with only him, and end the night snuggling on the couch enjoying a movie.

-The Attention Whore- This woman needs the best flowers, the most expensive dinner, and an over the top materialistic gift in order to be happy. This woman needs these things in order to convince others, as well as herself, that she is in an amazing relationship that will last. Generally speaking ;)

It’s a man’s job to identify what type of woman their Girlfriend/wife is and plan the necessary steps to give them exactly what they want. I say this is a girls holiday because, for the most part, men are expected to plan, pay for, and execute the “perfect night” for their girl. On top of that, EVERY GUY is trying to achieve this on the exact same night! I want to take a couple steps back, I just reread this and it sounds a little negative towards girlfriends/wife’s and the unfair pressure men have on them Feb 14th. I actually 100% believe a woman should have this day and that it’s a man’s job to make her feel like the most important person in the world. Women put up with a lot of stupid shit from us guys throughout the year, I have no problem giving them this day. However, men do go through the stress, anxiety, pressure, and financial hit to make this night happen the “right way” for their girl.

My ideal Valentine’s Day-

I’ve always been more of a sentimental kind of guy. I’d rather share an experiences with someone than giving them a materialistic item. This doesn’t apply to EVERY situation, but generally that’s how I am. I feel that you should be a good boyfriend/Husband every day of the year and not just on the 14th because its Valentine’s day and expected of you. I feel a man should never have to convince his significant other that they’re right for each other with chocolates and jewelry. If a guy wants to do that on random days of the year just because, I have no problem with that. I’d like to think I attracted a combination of all the positive aspects of the stereotypes in the girls listed above. My perfect V-Day night would consist of an intimate dinner with no distractions, meaningful conversation/ cards expressing your feelings for each other, spoiling her the perfect amount materialistically without being over the top/trying too hard, and some nice wine. I feel that if you treat your girl correctly throughout the year, you don’t have to go ridiculously over the top on one specific night to show them you care. I’m not saying that the night isn’t special, because it is and should be treated that way, just not forcefully. If I could accomplish all of that while making my Girlfriend/ wife feel like the only person on earth that matters, I did my job and will be happy.”


Well said Mitch — well said. haha you’re the best!


Unidentified Friends

“What I like to do is take her (GF) away for the night (vancouver BC, Portland, etc.) – just somewhere out of her element where she can forget about all of her responsibilities and stresses. Take her out for a little dinner and spoil her a little. Not to sound corny but I think it’s a day to just forget everything else and focus on your other half. A day of love! haha”

“Honestly I think V day is totally silly”

“Home cooked candlelight dinner with so many candles that you think the house may burn down. haha Soft music playing in the background. Finished off with a trip to a secluded area on a beach, lots of blankets – or any place with a great view.”

“If girls want to be cute just make dinner, if you want it to be sexy, then there is nothing sexier than a man coming home to his (wife, gf, significant other) cooking in that “new wardrobe” far as dessert goes, you shouldn’t serve that in the kitchen…if you know what I mean haha”

“Vacay somewhere remote, beach, flowing drinks, and my gf”

“Never really cared too much for it cause I was not in a serious relationship where it mattered…but I supposed if I had to pick an ideal thing, it would be fun to surprise the girl with something fun, random, etc. that she would love and smile from ear to ear haha and I mean let’s be honest besides sex, most guys could care less about Valentines my thought is just to do something spontaneous and random to make the girl feel special that she should remember. Making yourself stand out and being different I think speaks volumes as to who you are as a person….”

“well if the shoe fits ya wear it”

“I don’t think it’s a mans responsibility day. I think it should be a shared effort. I think it’s fair to say the man should get flowers or some token of appreciation for her. Good home cooked meal and a bottle of wine would be sweet. New lingerie never hurt either.”

“Well I’m a simple guy. Nothing expensive. Maybe a hike and bring a bottle of wine. Watch the sun go down. Then come home and make each other a home cooked meal. Maybe candlelit massages….but I also think it’s stupid that some people think that you only have to do this kind of stuff one day a year. You should treat your bride (or sig. other) that way everyday of every year. Valentines day should be a reminder to those who have lost sight of being romantic and love should be as daily as brushing your teeth and as genuine as a child’s honesty”

Thanks for all of your honesty friends & your guest post Mitch–if anything this is good news for all of your single ladies!!

When the love story began…well kinda haha


First picture we ever took — soo happy. Let the good times roll. ;]

This is my husband (right) & best guy friend (left) — haha this is the first night my now husband and I ever hung out (2007) — who knew he would still be holding that rose in his mouth for meeee now. haha I loveee this man — and all I need is his love forever and I’m all set. Sorry for all the mushy gushyness — but this photo brings back so many great memories!! So sexy hubbs..haha xox


Will you accept this rose?? haha why, I would be honored–

Love is all we need. xo

Love. K

What are your thought on Valentines Day?

What is your ideal Valentines Day?

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