Greetings from the Beach y’all!

It’s been such a warm & sunny weekend that being inside was purely not an option…I hope you can understand. haha


on a side note, I wish these succulents grew like this in vegas–I am obsessed!

It was nala’s first trip to the beach and I think it’s safe to say she’s like her mommy and is in love with the sand in her toes and breeze in her face! Unfortunately, for my Mr. nothing felt good on his toe — when we were unpacking our car, a 30# kettle bell fell on his toe. sad face. One of his biggest fears is losing a toenail, so we’re praying this one holds on — but I’m not sure it’s going to make it. Those darn kettle bells can really do some damage. So if you see my mountain man with his camo sandals on, don’t judge.


Needless to say, it’s been a lazier weekend then we intended, but we still have some great tan lines to show from it — so we’ll take it! Which brings me to Spring Break….Spring Break was one of the greatest inventions ever…in high school it meant a family trip to a beach where hopefully all your friends were at, and in college it was time to party with all your friends. Maj bonus. but life after college — no specific time off or fun family/friend trips, bikini’s & hand-crafted cocktails?? what a sad realization. haha luckily I’ve still experienced some-what of a spring break since being out of college…sometimes you just have to make it work – remote. Even if it’s a stay cation — once or twice a year, I think it’s so good for your relationship, mind, body & soul. To get out, try something new, and keep it exciting is a major PLUS. Ruts are never fun & I think memories & new experiences are the spice of life!


Get out there & try something new..even if it’s a day trip — or afternoon hike! It clears & relaxes your mind from all the external stresses. I’ll be enjoying sunny skies, morning hikes, beach walks, fresh food & puppy kisses remote this week. Hope you all enjoy your spring breaks – from a beach or desk!


love my handsome man & miss him!

KIT, love Spring Break.

xo. K


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