Good morning good lookins!

Hope you all enjoyed your monday without too many weekend withdrawals…haha if you are still feeling a little groggy or not your best & beautiful self — do yourself a favor and jump in the bath! Not any type of bath, an Epsom & Lavender Salt Bath. Seriously, every time I get into the bath I wonder why I don’t treat myself to one more often because it’s so relaxing.

I’ll keep it simple. Epsom baths have so many benefits it’s cracracrazy. They help ease stress, relax the body, relieve pain & muscle cramps from those hard workouts, helps muscle & nerve function properly, and it detoxes your body – removing all those grosso toxins that build up in our bodies. Just add 2 cups of epsom salt to your warm bath and boom your body will love you.

To the two cups of Epsom Salt I add about 7 drops of Lavender oil because I loveee lavender and it aids in relief of aching muscles, relaxation & stress. So jump in the tub & put on a movie – your body will be soo thankful!


Hope you all enjoy your day!

xo. K


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