The girl behind being-is-beautiful: Hey everyone, I’m the wolf of wellness, self-proclaimed goddess of good & smile farmer striving to help people around the world to become even more successful by teaching them not just how to live well, but how to reach their full potential and share their unique gifts with the world. As a Health Coach, Pilates Instructor, and game-changer, my philosophy isn’t just about eating well or working out; it’s about all of the other aspects of life that makes us who we are, too. From your relationships to your career, finances to spirituality – and everything in between – consciously cultivating, healing and illuminating each and every soul under the sun is why I am here.

MissionThe mission of being-is-beautiful is to inspire all walks of life to live a life of self-love & balance. being-is-beautiful wants you all to wake up and grow in love with yourself & others. With a healthy mind, faith, nutrition, and fitness I believe everyone can reach their goal of becoming their best self! I encourage you to -be your best you - and transform your life into a healthy one. Inspire action, be positive & don’t forget to smile-it’s your best look! 

Career Path: After graduating from UofA with a degree in Business Management & a minor in Pre-Health, I went to work in the sales industry and eventually in scientific research. After discovering that this wasn’t my perfect fit–I went back to the drawing board where I eventually opened my eyes and found my true passion-nutrition&fitness. Currently I am getting my Fitness Nutrition Certification through ISSA &  becoming a teacher of pilates.

Passions: Family, faith, friends, fitness, nutrition, pilates, body-resistance training, charity, baking, traveling, reading, inspiring action, fashion and learning.


Thanks for stopping by!

Keep smiling friends-it’s your best look :]

love and light xx, K


  1. Just found your blog after you found mine. :) Except for the whole hunting thing, we sound a lot alike. I too am considering going back to the drawing board on my career. I majored in math in college and then dabbled in nutrition for a year before going back to get my math credential. Now though? I’m wondering if I should have done nutrition after all. I’d love to hear your story!

    1. I wonder the same thing everyday! haha we really do have a lot in common. After graduating in Pre-Health & business I had no idea what I wanted to do — but now I know exactly what I want — a life filled with health & nutrition. It def. takes time to find out passions, but I finally did :] thanks for stopping by pretty!

  2. Ky, Just read your self description at end of this page for first GREAT! Very accurate and I wish you luck with this endeavor! xx

  3. Your blog makes me smile :) I’m in a 9 to 5 desk job at the moment but, like you, I’m hoping to progress into something that can help people achieve their own goals within health and fitness. Will be following and thanks for your positive energy xx

    1. thanks for the kind words beautiful!! they mean the world to me — keep following those dreams, because one day they will be your reality. Thanks for stopping by, so happy there are other people who want to help people achieve health & happiness :]

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