My Happy Place

I’m back! haha and it feels so good.

Everyone has a happy place…whether it is your back porch, outdoors, cozy chair in your house, or in my case any beach — preferably the lovely beach of Emerald Bay.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in this happy place because it has been way toooo hot in Las Vegas for human life haha. Sorry friends but I’m outta there.



Mastro’s with my main man — loving this LF kimono.



This Lancaster stuff is amazing — too bad it stains everything. Recommended for beach use only! ha



Mornings are my absolute fabs — esp. with some avo toast/ (1/2 avo, a squeeze of lemon, oregano, salt & hotshot) sooo easy and tasty!





Love this girl so much — such a great 4th of July & bday this year!




Birthday dinner @ Javier’s — the organic margs & lobster enchiladas are where it’s at.




Bear Flag is a must go place for fish anything – their ahi poke is amazing.

Cheers from my happy place & happy friday to you all – so happy to be back on the blogggity blog.

lots of love. K

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5 simple, yet effective ways to detox your beautiful bod!

After a long vaycay or rough weekend – I always need to turn off the jets and get back to neutral…because let’s face it on vacation you enjoy yourself & we should!!

Here are 5 simple, yet effective ways I rid my body of all the toxins and get back to neutral:

- hot lemon water or hot lemon tea — just add 1/2 lemon to hot tea or water, the lemon helps detoxify your body–giving you that extra boost.

-lots & lots of green juice — all the nutrients your body needs to get back to A, plus they are so good for you.

-raw food (I’m loving this veggie packed mediterranean lentil bowl-recipe on the blog tomorrow)

- a sweaty workout, take a spin class/yoga/pilates/or run!

- epson salt & lavender bath (details here)

Yesterday, I jumped right back into it with a hot pilates class — haha it was a little bold but I like diving right back into it. Needless to say my body needs an epson salt bath stat & lots & lots of this tasty goodness.


Hope you all have a wonderful & beautiful thursday.

la dolce vita. K

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Welcome to the jungle…

hey heyy!

I’m back in the USA — and it feels great! I’m not going to lie, coming home is always a great feeling —  to get into your comfy bed, get back in a routine, and to snuggle with the little nugget nala (our puppy-in case you haven’t met her). My husband and I we’re joking around about if we missed our dog that much on vacay… what will it be like when we have a baby?? — obsessed new parents coming up hot? haha jk jk. The one thing we will always do is travel because I think it is so soo good for you, not to mention rewarding.  On the real…

Costa Rica is a pretty awesome place. The people are so kind, the food is delish, and the beauty is breathtaking. We stayed at the Tabacon Resort & Spa right in the heat of the rain forest – we had to mix it up a little because we usually without fail go to a beach…which is awesome but the rain forest has a lot to offer peeps. It has incredible wildlife, waterfalls, zip lining, natural hot springs, etc. There is no doubt that my # one and I will be back to that region of the world, real soon — because it’s kicka$s.  Check out the pics. for yourself!


leepy heads in the airport.


a coffee addicts dream


natural hot springs – jump in!


he’s pretty good at this kinda thing


in my happy place…


natural beauty everywhere…


peace & love


don’t we look cute in our zip-lining gear?


talk about an adrenaline rush people..


my kinda thing — couples massage.


trekking it throughout the rainforest.


man oh man, I love this man! The big 1 year.


my husband is talented — check out that head dress! loved it.

That’s it for now — more outfit posts to follow from the trip! Thank you so much for all the love & beauty Costa Rica & Tabacon Resort – we will be back, and that’s a fact!

Love. K

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