Start here with my 21 (go-to) superfoods.


to get results-nutrition is key.

Lets get back to the basics-I’m talking Newton’s Laws of Thermodynamics. (physics is really making a comeback)

-Energy is neither created nor destroyed-

WE survive on ENERGY.

Energy balance is what dictates weight gain, loss, or weight maintenance.

Energy in-food calories taken into the body from food & drink

Energy out-calories being used in the body for our daily energy requirements

We’re talking at a cellular level.

Our body needs/relies on the food we put into our bodies to regulate all of our bodily functions.

Sooo..if we have a negative energy balance (more out than in) we will consequently start to lose weight but if you have a severe or slight negative energy balance it will  cause negative effects to your metabolism, hormonal balance, and your mood. Nobody wants that.

While it is true that all carbohydrates (good & bad) are eventually broken down into the same thing- glucose units. Same with good & bad fats–they become fatty acids and protein eventually being broken down into amino acids.That doesn’t mean that we can go crazy eating all bad carbohydrates because it is the same final product in the body….because here’s the deal–the other nutrients (micronutrients) in food along with these macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) help your body digest these macronutrients differently–causing a big difference in the end result.

So let me explain.

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