Gluten Free PB&J Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Happy Friday loves!!

Get that extra energy you need to get through today /monday/everyday – with this yummy little breakfast bowl.Quinoa is a superfood for sure–Supergrain of the present & future. It is packed with protein(9 essential ammino acids), twice the fiber as other grains, and iron (keeps that brain in tip top shape). It also contains lysine (which is essential for tissue growth & repair), rich in magnesium (which relaxes blood vessels), high in Riboflavin (B2-improves energy metabolism within brain & muscle cells), and upon other benefits it has a high content of manganese (an antioxidant which helps protect cells from free radicals). It’s a go to grain-protein for sure!

Quinoa has a nutty taste — so I think it’s perfect for a sweet & salty breakfast bowl :] I pack on the berries(my jelly), nuts, flax seed milk (latest WF find –yum), almond butter(my pb), fresh (unprocessed) honey, and some cinnamon to make this perfectly nutritious breakfast bowl!

*cook quinoa according to packaging & use all week in your breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes :]


I hope you all have a great day!!

Stay tuned to meet the newest member of the family–so excited to share :]

What’s your favorite Quinoa recipe?

Hit the mat today – it will help get you through this Superbowl Sunday feeling good about the tasteful treats you grub on during the game!! — plus it will keep you motivated to go for the healthy options. I know that every time I work my buns off I don’t feel like wasting it by eating tons of junk.


Make it your habit this February. happy face.

Be your best you.

happy feb. & friday.

xo. K

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister-in-law!! I love youuu so much :]


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