Tiny Tokens: Gardens & Rain Forest

Happy happy friday!

This week has been a fasty fast one, and this weekend I have my Pilates course so that will for sure fly by as well…which I’m ok with because next week my Mr. & I’s friends from Seattle are coming into town — can’t even explain how happy we are to be a host to these lovelies (finally) haha.


Nala is anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Guess what?? I’ve finally received my planter box for my herb garden! I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty, I just love the idea of having all of the herbs you need just a few footsteps away. Because let’s be honest, herbs are pricey, yet essential.


I planted basil, cilantro, parsley, oregano, mint, sage, thyme, jalapenos, thai chili peppers, and cayenne peppers. I aslo picked up a lime & a lemon tree in the process because I can’t get enough of lemon & limes, I use them everyday whether it’s in my tea or guacamole.


I love fresh flowers, especially when their from my garden.

In a few weeks my Mr. & I will be headed to Costa Rica — the anticipation is killing me. I just can’t wait to see it all : the people, the food, the rain forest, the animals, ocean, etc. Not to mention all the designers have the rainforest in mind with all of their spring/summer lines….lovin’ it.


love this stone cold fox x beach riot collab. Via

H&M’s Conscious Collection


love the principles behind this collection. Via.

Any gardening tips are highly welcomed! Enjoy your weekends. Smiles.

Love. K

Puppy Update

Happy friday friends,

I haven’t posted about Nala in a while and I think she feels left out. haha today Nala is 14 weeks old and she has really settled into out family nicely. Goldendoodle’s are soo smart – it’s amazing. My husband and I are obsessed with her — some people say this is the first sign of baby fever, but how can you not love this face??


haha one of the funniest thing Nala does is when my husband and I are giving each other smooches (now purposely) she nudges herself in between us and makes us kiss her instead. It might be the funniest thing.


She’s a happy girl — who loves to be held like a baby, and sit on my lap when I’m driving, which wont last long because I can barely see over her head.

We can’t even describe how much we love this little nugget!


love these two more than anything!

What funny things does your animal do? Nala thinks she’s human!

hope you all have happy weekends! enjoy the present :]

xo. K

Gluten Free Caprese Pizza

Good Morning Friends!

Yesterday was a busy day…Nala had to go to the vet and my #1 had to go to the doctor. I was running around town trying to get the grocery shopping done, pick up scripts, make sure Nala had enough attention, and get in a work out (which didn’t happen). I was planning on making turkey burgers last night — but in my rush, I forgot the lettuce — and without the bun (lettuce wrap) it was a no go for sure haha I hate when you forget that one item you need… haha that’s when I went back to the fridge and rediscovered that I bought 2 Brown Rice pizza crusts from Whole Foods last week -hallelujah- Soo there was no better way to end this crazy day with one of my favorite foods — made healthy — PIZZA! My husband’s favorite salad is caprese, soo I thought why not just recreate a caprese salad on a pizza–and let me tell you it was to dieeee for.

I used (GF) brown rice pizza crusts from WF, Organic Marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s, Sliced tomatoes (roma), sliced mozzarella, fresh basil, and topped off with a balsamic glaze (trader joe’s) — soo great!!

Just like with any pizza add your marinara sauce first, then the toppings – tomatoes & cheese, and then chopped basil. Bake on the oven rack for 15 minutes @ 350 degrees or until pizza crust is to your desired crunchiness. Drizzle balsamic glaze on top & garnish with fresh chopped basil.


Puppy Update: Nala is hilarious & way too cute! Everyday she gets more & more comfortable in her new home and her little (BIG) personality shines! She’s a lover girl though and just like her mommy always wants hugs & kisses. She runs around playing for a little bit with her toys and then wants to snuggle up on the couch (her fav. spot) – she will literally try over & over to jump up until one of us lifts her–it’s too funny! She’s a healthy girl — capturing more & more of her daddy’s & mommy’s hearts daily.
this face. stop. just relaxin’
Hope you all are starting your week off right — SMILE!
love. K