Back to the basics

Alright all you New Year resolutionists… I know you may have fallen away from hitting the gym 3x a week or eating as healthy as you were intending to at the beginning of this month….which is understandable because lets face it, change is never easy. I love the statement, “the purest form of communication is behavior” – because it is so true. Stop saying you are going to make a change towards a healthier more lovable you and DO IT people. With these simple & basic tips you can get to that healthy place you want, desire, and wish to be.

Nobody wants to be as my twin would say, “soft” — aka that nice little layer of fat that covers that toned sweet sixer. sad face. It’s about time to get your booty on track — because lets face it sister, you need a new plan.

Gym time – sport those new cute lulus you got for the holidays in the gym, hot pilates class, yoga studio, on a trail, or in your own home (not on the couch). You gotta get motivated – so schedule your workouts and put them into your cute little iphones. Make working out fun – drag some of your like-minded friends to a pilates class with you or ramp it up with spin class with, or make it romantic, with a saturday morning hike (up a mtn.) with your stud or your dog. Whatever it is – make it happen & stick to it. It only takes a few weeks to get into a routine – so why don’t you start now? Tip: keep those lulu’s on hand and don’t make excuses people, it’s over-rated!

Breakfast, babes - I know you’ve all heard this a thousand times — but BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. All the things you’ve heard about eating first thing are true people. It starts your metabolism, gets the digestive system going, and fuels the body/mind for the day! This should be your biggest meal of the day giving your body the fuel to keep going all day long. With this being said — a Starbucks muffin or scone isn’t going to cut it. haha instead your body needs a balanced meal with proteins,&  healthy carbs! Try a veggie/protein omelet, green juice, or a GF breakfast burrito. Not only will this keep you full but it gives you motivation to eat healthy during the day so when your assistant is kind enough to bring you a donut — you can say NO! Temptation is no beuno.

Plan ahead - this is easier said than done — but soo easy when it’s done. Bring apples, granola bars, & healthy snacks with you to work or wherever so when you are hungry you reach for the apple instead of the chocolate candy bar or chips. Make a weekly meal plan – this is the best tip I have for all you who want to stay motivated! If you have your healthy meals planned for the week there is no need to just pop in a pizza when you don’t feel like running to the store. Tip- bring your lunch to work in a cutesy lunch pale. haha I’m all for lunch pales – plus you can avoid eating heavy lunches & processed foods – also saving you a buck or two (for those new cuter lulus) happy face. soo grab that lunch sack and pack it with a turkey wrap, hummus & veggies, apple & almond butter. This will really help you stay full longer — with fresh ingredients & no added junk.

Hydration, Honey – Oh the importance of H2O. I know we’ve all heard this basic tip a bagillion times – because I have. Start your day with a glass of water and lemon- a detoxifying start to your day. Bring a water bottle with you and just keep sipping away – your skin & body will thank you. Plus it keeps you full – helping to cut those cravings. You should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, so grab that water bottle loves and start chugging.

Get your Zzz’s - and of course my favorite tip. Get your sleep — because let’s face it pulling an all nighter and walking into work/class, etc. with a sugary gross energy drink isn’t cool anymore. Sleep deprivation doesn’t mean you are more successful or more hard-working it just means you aren’t educated (to put it nicely). One study shows, that a lack of sleep quadruples your risk for stroke and that chronic sleep dep. causes all types of yuckiness like inflammation, high blood pressure, and weight gain. So next time someone says, ‘I can sleep when I’m dead’…well your right, but I’ll be living when your dead because I sleep. haha that’s terrible but sleeping is a MUST (dad). Motivate yourself to hit the sack earlier with a new book & hot tea, cute jammies, or spice it up haha — or all of the above, whatever floats your boat.

and remember people – enjoy the moment. I can’t stress this enough. Take 5 minutes out of your day and just sit still and take life in – because, being is beautiful. Stress kills & causes weight gain — so slow down — enjoy the journey, smile & laugh often!

I hope you will all jump back on board with these basics because let’s face it — bikini season is right around the corner. haha soft is out – toned is in.

Smiles. K


the backward step

In one of the books I recently read, the author describes all of us as board-carrying fellows (and this description has been stuck in my head since – he is so spot on). He’s referring to a carpenter who is carrying a wide wooden board that blocks & limits his vision. I love using images & scenarios to learn & describe topics so I think this is perfect to describe our habitual & dualistic minds. We are all board carrying fellows — only seeing one side of things & viewing the world in our ordinary & habitual viewpoint. He uses this image of a carpenter to caution us from thinking we see fully & clearly – when we only see partially. With this limited viewpoint, we ultimately make it impossible to gain the insight that allows us to respond to certain situations in a new, and an appropriate way (for ourselves).

So that is why I want to encourage all of you to take a backward step before responding in your old habitual ways. Look, see, explore, and understand. Taking the backward step before making a decision, a certain response, etc., can really help prevent your mind from responding in its usual way. Especially this day in age when everything is instant. Not only is it instant but it’s mass publicized — on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Text Messaging, etc. We are so used to just responding instantly to everything using pre-concieved judgements, thoughts, & beliefs — because these days we don’t need to meet face to face or make a phone call. The way I see it – taking a step back to question your response will help you really digest the power in your words & actions. Do you want to invite negativity? or encourage growth & change within yourself & ultimately others?

I think this is a very insightful method to practice because we can respond in a way that allows us to think before we act. For me — practicing to take a step back before I respond to anyone from my mom to my husband helps me control my response — ultimately freeing me from negative feelings that I may have felt from another instant & habitual response. When you change yourself, you ultimately change others because they know not to discuss things that you will no longer entertain or let affect you. You start changing the way you think (slowly changing your brains response) and becoming a more balanced & free board-carrying fellow :] When we love ourselves & our neighbors we start to enjoy a cleared mind & a kinder heart.  With a different appropriate (personal) response to certain situations you can change others-by ultimately changing yourself  – changing the words & actions one human mind at a time!

So I dare you to take a step back before you respond – you might make the same response or you might decide to change it up – I just hope whatever the response is – it makes you feel happiness & love.

happy sunday lovelies. hope you all are having a great day!

My true religion is kindness – Dalai Lama

Take a step back. Inspire action. Smile.

xo. K

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