“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


I couldn’t agree more with this statement–I want to travel the world from east to west and north to south!




Costa Rica is a pretty awesome place. The people are so kind, the food is delish, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. We stayed at the Tabacon Resort & Spa right in the heat of the rain forest – we had to mix it up a little because we usually without fail go to a beach…which is awesome but the rain forest has a lot to offer peeps. It has incredible wildlife, waterfalls, zip lining, natural hot springs, etc. There is no doubt that my # one and I will be back to that region of the world, real soon — because it’s kicka$s.  Check out the pics. for yourself!


leepy heads in the airport.


a coffee addicts dream


natural hot springs – jump in!


he’s pretty good at this kinda thing


in my happy place…


natural beauty everywhere…


peace & love


don’t we look cute in our zip-lining gear?


talk about an adrenaline rush people..


my kinda thing — couples massage.


trekking it throughout the rainforest.


man oh man, I love this man! The big 1 year.



being is beautiful

Westminister Abbey


Bath, England



We went to London in September of 2o12! If you haven’t been-put it on your bucket list.

It’s rich with history, people & lovely architecture.

We went to Bath-which truly is an amazing place. When you are there you wish you could go back in history to witness all the beautiful ladies in their large gowns and the men dressed to the nines. Where are my ladies in waiting at?? haha

Stonehenge of course is miraculous. It really is an awe moment when you see all those giant stones in front of you–people are soo brilliant!

London was a dream for me – going to plays, museums, palaces, markets, restaurants, and historical landmarks (I could’ve stayed another 10 days and just walked around) it’s such a lovely place & the people are soo kind. I can’t wait to go back!


Some of you may know or may have been to these bunches of islands in the Indian Ocean and–let me confirm it–

.it is paradise.

My Husband and I traveled 24 hours to get there and we don’t regret it one bit.






The Maldives is soo peaceful and beautiful. It really makes you realize just how amazing this world is when you are sitting on your porch overlooking the vast ocean and sky. You feel so blessed just to be able to see – the sunsets, the horizon of the vast ocean, and white sand beaches. It was the perfect location for a Honeymoon – we felt so alive in the middle of the ocean just taking in all the beauty of God’s creation. Not to mention the crystal clear water that is a kind temperature of 78 degrees. The sea life was abundant and the sun brighter than ever. We loved the local cuisine and all of its mediterranean inspired flavors. The local people were soo kind, interested & thoughtful! Overall, we had an amazing time scuba-diving, fishing, veggin out, paddle boarding, and enjoying many massages. I highly recommend staying at the one & only–the over the water huts were sooo romantic! The highlight of our trip was eating breakfast on our porch together taking in the natural beauty of the Maldives & our love story–haha had to throw some mushy gushyness in their because we’re soulmates!  I wanna go back now!


I sadly don’t have any pictures from this trip — heavy sadness.We stayed at the AMAN resort – and this vacation was the definition of relaxation. The calm vibes, sunny skies, and warm water just scream REST & RELAXATION.





Can you tell we like beaches? haha Tahiti was wayyy too much fun. This is where my #1 and I got certified for diving. We started off big–feeding 12′ lemon sharks 80 ft. under water. I still question that decision some days. Tahiti was luscious. Sooo green and so beautiful..we will definitely be visiting this lovely place again soon.





ohhh Cabo…how I love/hate you so. haha Cabo is crazy–to sum it up simply. We had wayyyy too much fun and are probably still feeling the effects! We went with 5 couples and enjoyed life to the fullest! Warm sand in your toes & a cold beer in your hand-that’s Cabo dreamin’ for sure.





ohhh china…you taught me so much in so little.

** stay tuned for more traveling thoughts & photos from around the world. These are only my journey’s out of the US–read my blog for other adventures in the USA.

travel – it is so beautiful out there.

xx. Ky

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